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Business Services - Magimedia Website - 24th Jul 2024

Company Training

It’s amazing how much time and money is lost when people just don’t know how to use their computer, and “muddle their way through”. That's really how we survived for a long time. Our IT person is really the only person in the company we had who knew about computers and to give them credit they've done a brilliant job of keeping everything going. Our business is growing, and we want everyone to be able to use email and word processing tools, but our staff have no background in this area, and I don't want to replace them. We called in Magimedia at this point, and they put together a company training program based around our needs. We had a soft of "IT lesson" every week in our offices, where we all learnt the basics we needed. It was fantastic, and has saved us a fortune! All our staff now get through their work much quicker, because they are now able to use the computer facilities we have. We're going to even upgrade our system later this year and move away from the old paper-based record keeping systems.

TrainingYour staff can be your biggest asset in a business, especially when you have some staff who bring skills to your workplace that you would find very hard to replace. This is common of small businesses, where staff may have grown with the company. Magimedia understands that this is not always coupled with skills at using IT equipment however, and a lack of knowledge in this area does not make somebody unintelligent..

In larger companies, upgrading systems or introducing new systems can also frighten staff, who have a comfort zone around the systems they are used to. They may feel that updating isn't needed or is just "management wanting to be seen to be modern". This attitude often comes from simply fearing the transition to the new systems. Worse still, some people dig their heels in and insist that the old system was always better, for no other reason than they are struggling to learn the new one.

Understanding this, and understanding the needs of your business, Magimedia can put together a training scheme for you that will give your staff the skills they need to be in command of your systems. This will save your business time and money, as staff who know how to use the systems will be able to work more confidently, and quicker, leaving more time to grow the business.

The range of software we can train your staff on is almost unlimited, with the most common software packages being Microsoft Office, Email, Internet, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.