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Business Services - Magimedia Website - 24th Jul 2024

Data Security

We hadn't given enough thought to security of our data. We had passwords and security to login to the systems, but we hadn't really considered security on our backup disks. This was made all to obvious to us, when that data was lost on its way to our storage centre, and suddenly appeared online. We were even more disheartened when that information was then used to connect into our system and download even more information. I would say it was one of the most embarrasing situations we've ever had.

Head of SecurtityUnfortunately, this scenario is not just limited to small businesses, as described by BBC News when Her Magesty's Revenue and Customs lost over 25 million people's details.

You have an obligation under the Data Protection Act to declare what you will do with people's data, and to ensure that you do not breach it. In a recent document submitted to government by the Information Commissioners Office, it is stated that "The Commissioner is proposing the introduction of a new penalty, limited to breaches that are avoidable, that give rise to a serious data-protection risk and where a criminal state of mind exists. [Currently] there is no effective punishment or deterrent available for those who knowingly or recklessly disregard the requirements of data-protection law in a way that causes a significant risk of harm."


Protect your data

The first step in protecting your data is to simply secure the system on which it is stored. This means password access to the computers, and also encrypting the drives on which this data is stored if that information is sensative. Magimedia can put this in place for you.

You should also ensure that any computers you dump are professionally wiped of information, not just blanked by "reformatting the drive" which is completely ineffective. Magimedia offer a Data Destruction service that meets this demand.

Just as importantly, however, you should ensure that data on any backup media is protected, so that if it is misplaced it is still unable to be opened by the recipient. Simply password-protecting ZIP files on the drive is not sufficient, as free software on the Internet can provide access to these files. Magimedia can setup a system that ensures only you can read these disks.

You should also ensure that your network is secure, especially if linked to the Internet. Please refer to Magimedia's Internet Access and Networking services for these demands.