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Business Services - Magimedia Website - 24th Jul 2024

eBusiness Online

We needed more than just a website. We wanted to put our entire business online, and communicate with our clients. We wanted a site that would enable us to build up strong working relationships with them, in an environment that allowed open discussion between groups of clients and our product developers directly. We wanted to be able to sell those products online, with an ordering system that could track the order through from placement to fulfillment and then on to dispatch. Because of the way our products change so frequently, we also needed a system that let us make regular changes to the text on our website, without contacting a designer every time. We spoke to several larger companies about this, but we found that Magimedia offered us the most cost-effective solution for our needs.

Satellite DishesWhen you want to put your business online, you need to speak to somebody who will not try to reshape your business, but will work with it. Large companies often have their own methods and practices, and need you to adapt and fit in with them, but Magimedia can tailor a solution exactly to your requirements. We can write the code that "makes it all happen" in a way that offers real synergy with your business practices, and integrates with existing systems.

Bigger is not always better. We have repaired websites developed by other developers which simply "didn't work" with some client's systems, or were so slow as to be unusable. Such companies usually develop using high-speed production tools designed for one purpose - they produce good looking sites at speed that save them time and increase profits. The cost is sadly often yours, when you later discover that these systems do not offer compatibility with the wide range of computer systems that are being used to browse the Internet. Very often, you will find that you simply don't know a potential customer had problems until it is too late, and only if they take the time to tell you.

Magimedia develop systems which concentrate on usability and compatibility from the ground up. We will use tools to speed up development only where it can be guaranteed that this will not affect the compatibility of the website for other users. We test our websites on a variety of different computer systems, using most of the common browsers, including specialist systems used by disabled persons. Magimedia do not believe that you should lose customers for the sake of simply not checking your site for compatibility.

Our unique first-hand perspective on the massive variety of different means of accessing the Internet ensures that your business will not only have a presence online, but will be available to all potential customers and clients, without exclusion, and will enable you to utilise the massive market potential that the Internet has to offer.

This builds on top of the standard Online Presence service we offer. For details on how we host and look after your website, please see the online presence page.